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Sharing Scripture with the World: YouVersion

Current Events

When the earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck Japan, I found myself wishing I could share a message of hope to people in Japan. One problem…I don’t know Japanese! I wanted to share verses that speak to the situation in Libya to people in Libya…but I don’t know Arabic! Because the Bible provides both guidance and comfort in difficult times. But a free Bible app provides a way to share the hope found in the Bible. YouVersion is a way to share Scripture in other languages.

The Word Goes Out

Begin with searching for passages you desire to share with others. You want to note the verse number. This is a good place to use the handy Bookmark option! Then go to the Version Chooser and pick the Bible in the language you want. The Bible will open up to the same chapter you were at in the English version. Now tap on the verse number, you can then Tweet…Facebook…or Email the verse in a second language.

The Community Aspect

Reading Scripture on our own is important, but there is a community component to faith. The primary purpose of the YouVersion app is to create a mobile opportunity for people to read and interact with Scripture, but it also provides a way to share what God is saying through His Word! But instead of only sharing with your language group, but with the whole world!

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