Bible Byte

The Intersection of Faith + Technology

Why this Blog?

As an avid student of the Bible I have found one of the best ways to engage the Word of God is not only to sit and read what others have written, but share what I’ve learned. My prayer is that this blog will help inspire people to study the Bible and enjoy it.

I also love using computers and so I also combine my love of the Bible with technology by using Logos 4 on the Mac (L4; or L4 Mac) to study (I started using Logos in undergrad and by the time I finished my MDiv I ended up with a large Logos library). I hope to also share tips on using L4 and how to use it to study the Bible. Bible software is not a replacement of actually spending time in the Word or the Holy Spirit guiding as a teacher, it only helps in allowing more time spent in the Word and less time gathering helps. It also allows the student of Scripture to gain wisdom from others who have spent time (often decades) engaging the Bible and learning what the Spirit of God has taught them. I will also include other ways to integrate technology and the study of the Bible.
In Christ,

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